Once reserved for Eastern dynasties, decadent canopy beds of Marie Antoinette-style snoozing and sleazy seventies films (yes, those ones)... at NIDRA, we want you to forget what you know about silk pillowcases. Here, we’re going to dispel any slippery, satiny thoughts you might be harbouring and help you discover why investing in silk pillows is investing in the healthiest sleep of your life.

Did you know you spend roughly one-third of your life in bed?
If you just shuddered thinking about the synthetic, makeup-stained pillow slips you’ve rolled around in for the past week... keep calm and read on.

Long considered the epitome of luxury, silk is a natural fibre that offers daily indulgence with the bonus of adhering to an organic, conscious lifestyle (and sleep style). Silk is a tale of opposites, a paradox of delights; one of the strongest natural fibres and one of the softest. A sweet sleep wrapped in warmth, or one that keeps its cool. The NIDRA difference? Our pillowcases are spun from Ahimsa (Peace) silk, which uses a method of nonviolent silk breeding and harvesting for sleep that’s never been more peaceful.

So, what else is going on under the covers? Here’s why you’ll never want to hit the “hay” again.

 NIDRA - Our Words - Why Sleeping On Silk Is Sooo Good



Not just a crazy fairy tale. Why wake up to the kiss of your “Prince Charming”, when waking up to a creaseless face is much more realistic and long-lasting?

Cotton is not your friend. Cotton doesn’t text you back. Cotton creates friction between your face and the pillow, which causes face creases that turn into permanent wrinkles. Yeah, fine thanks! Silk, on the other hand, has your back (and your face). It doesn’t tug, stretch or drag your delicate facial skin. Albumin, a natural protein compound found in silk, also prevents premature ageing by promoting cellular regeneration.

Silk is a dream for your peepers and allows your face to glide over the pillow even between nightmares, sleep paralysis and things that go “thud” in the night. Absorbing significantly less face cream than cotton pillowcases, silk is made up of tiny, bouncy spring-like fibres that are super resilient, crease-resistant, and leave your products and natural moisture where they belong. So, go nuts on the night cream.



We’re calling it, silk pillowcases are the new GHD. No more bad hair days. Sleeping on silk is a time-honoured, hair stylist-recommended, game-changer for hair. Curly, straight, thick or fine, if you’re done with static-inducing, damaging, snagging, oil and frizz-promoting cotton, polyester and whatever else you’re unknowingly resting your locks on - join the club. 

Silk fibres are gentle and hair-friendly and will do their best to preserve your styling, and keep your hair shiny, smooth, and frizz-free. Book in for a blow-dry on Saturday, and keep doing the hair-ad-swish-thing for days to come.



That loud, weird-looking air conditioner your rental won’t get rid of? Forget it. Look to silk instead. No seriously, hear us out.

Silk is a superstar as far as thermo-regulating is concerned, so your face will benefit from a regulated snooze, leaving you to enjoy a log-like 8 hours at the ideal temperature. Silk pillow slips will ensure that there’ll be no static electricity or heat conductivity (unless you’re conducting it - wink). Enjoy waking up fresh, in more ways than one.



It’s morning. The last thing you remember is head-banging to some 80s metal song. Luckily, as your head is now resting on your gorgeous silk pillow, the fibres are soothing that hangover heat, dryness and pounding headache you’re experiencing...

Silk soothes sore skin by being extremely soft. That strange rash, first sunburn of the season and lizard-dry skin doesn’t stand a chance. The fabric glides over these sore areas, without snagging, catching, chafing or further irritating - which is great news for shingles or eczema sufferers. Silk is tightly woven to allow easier movement and less resistance, eliminating points of contact and sticking to your (perhaps unwashed, make-up ridden) face.



So you did that thing where you had a big night before a really important meet-the-parents scenario, right? While your insides might resemble a desert plain, your outside doesn’t have to. Never worry about your morning-after face again with silk.

The breathable fibres and natural hydrating properties of silk help you to retain all your beautiful essential oils, and still allows your creams and other beauty products to fully absorb into your skin and hair (you know, assuming you slathered them on post-night-out).

All this retained moisture and the amino acids in silk will give you a superb chance of waking up every bit your radiant self. You can thank us later for your effortlessly hydrated and supple complexion as you struggle to remember where you put your phone.

Plus, the removal of extra moisture prevents dust mites from living in your pillow. YUCK.  Silk eases dust mite-related allergies by being a naturally hypoallergenic fabric. You know the drill; more silk, less dust-mites.


Silk pillowcases will be the number one reason you won’t want to get out of bed in the morning, and the number one reason you’ll call it quits on an all-nighter (sorry, team!).

Chemical-free, consciously-inclined and really, really good looking. Silk is your best sleep ever.


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