our fabrics

Sustainable Purchasing

NIDRA is committed to minimising our environmental impact and achieving fair, safe and healthy working conditions throughout our supply chain.

We are passionate about partnering with suppliers who share our vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency. We choose to only work with suppliers who meet our standards for social responsibility and to use better materials which are safe and non-toxic.

Local Manufacturing

100% of our cutting, sewing and manufacturing for our Face Saver Cases and Hair Saver Scrunchies is done in Sydney, Australia.

All other garments currently in design stages are produced by responsible manufacturing partners here in Australia or overseas in Bali and India, using our same sustainable standards and materials.

Better Materials

Ahimsa (Peace) Silk
The silk used for our pillowcases and scrunchies is an organic 'non-violent' Mulberry silk. The company we partner with is certified Organic and Fair Trade and is the world-leader in producing organic silk from cocoons without killing the pupae inside or without sacrificing animal life.

Other fabrics (in design stage)
We are currently working with producers to source low-impact fabrics for our future collections which use either recycled fabrics or fabrics made from by-products, such as banana leaves.

Non-Toxic Dyes

The dyeing stage in textile manufacturing not only uses a lot of energy and water, but it also introduces the fabric to chemicals found in inks and pigments. NIDRA only uses GOTS certified dyes as well as natural dyes and pigments found in nature.

We are committed to not using hazardous substances in our products and ensure our products are safe, ethical and have a low-impact on the environment. This includes our fabrics, our labels and our packaging.

At NIDRA we believe that transparency is key to accountability, which is why we disclose our partners within our supply chain and share our product journey with you.