product care

Face Saver Case and Hair Saver Scrunchie

Look after your case… your crease-free face and frizz-free locks will thank you for it, as will the environment!

Our silk products should last you at least 12 - 18 months if taken care of correctly (we've been using ours religiously for over 2 years now and still no signs of wear and tear!).

Follow our care tips below to keep your case in tip-top shape.

Wash it (kinda) regularly
Your case can last a little longer than the rest of your bedding due to the anti-bacterial nature of silk. Less washing also means the environment will love you forever! We recommend washing every 2 weeks to keep things nice and fresh! 

You can get away with washing our Scrunchies even less frequently... we normally wash ours every 2 months.

Note: Our naturally dyed limited edition cases may fade slightly over time. To keep colours bright, we recommend hand washing with cold water using a gentle natural detergent.

Cool Hand Wash
We recommend hand washing (below 30℃), unless of course your machine has a cold hand wash option, then go right ahead. You should also use a delicates bag to keep from snagging.
Some colours may bleed the first time, so please hand-wash them in cold water and separately from other colours the first time you wash. 

Recommended Detergent
Many big brand detergents use harsh chemicals that can fade natural dyes.
We recommend the following natural brands to wash your cases in:
• The Dirt Company Delicate Detergent Concentrate
• Dr Bronners Pure Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Unscented
• Ecostore Wool & Delicates

No Bleach
As if! But seriously, don’t bleach. It will degrade the fabric and remove the organic or natural dyes. This also means no detergent with bleach or enzymes. Stick with a gentle pH neutral liquid detergent… good for your case and the environment. 

Dry Clean
If you’re super fancy then you can go ahead and get your Face Saver Case dry cleaned. Ooh la la.

Do Not Tumble Dry
Never EVER put your case in the dryer. Leave it to air-dry out of direct sunlight, as to not fade the dyes.

Iron On Low Setting
Luckily our cases look just as good when they're a little wrinkly. However, if you really love spending your evenings ironing (who are you?!) then iron on a low heat setting… and ALWAYS get someone else to do the ironing for you!

You can home compost your silk goodies too!
When they have reached the end of their life, simply shred ‘em and add them to your compost. You don’t even have to worry about removing any of the labels as we made sure they are recycled satin dyed with non-toxic inks. 

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