Analisa Flaherty is the lead curator and business owner of Bison Art, an online gallery and refined collection of emerging Australian art. We sat down with her to chat about her new venture how she is making it easier than ever for discerning collectors and first-time art alike buyers alike to purchase their dream art.


NIDRA - In Bed With... Analisa Flaherty


So, what is it you do exactly?

I am the founder and curator of Bison Art, an online art gallery that showcases artwork by emerging and newly established Australian artists. I started the business in April this year so it's all still very new, but loving every minute of it so far and watching it grow.


How do you get your creative juices flowing?

I do my best thinking in water… so whether that’s the shower, bath or swimming.


What motivates you?

With Bison Art its not just me that’s involved, but the artists that we represent, so their success is a huge motivator for me. I’m also motivated by imagining the conversations our art collectors would have with their friends when they’re showing off their new artworks hanging proudly on their wall.


NIDRA - In Bed With... Analisa Flaherty


What or who has been inspiring you lately?

Music has and always be an avenue of inspiration for me… I have been stuck in a bit of a Spotify rut and not really listening to anything new, but old music that takes me back to a time or place still inspires me as I think of what I was doing then and what has changed.


Do you have a morning routine? If yes, what is it?

I have a (nearly) two year old so she dominates my morning routine… unfortunately, its not that interesting (think Wiggles over breakfast) so I won't bore you!


What’s your favourite breakfast?

Macadamia milk flat white, and a cheese toastie.


One thing you try to do to live more sustainably…

A few years ago I was introduced to the concept of “one item a month”. Basically it's stopping buying lots of cheaper trend based items and instead limiting yourself to one, high quality piece of clothing that you will wear for years.

It's much more sustainable, and makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier as you have less clothes to sift through.

It's also great as I truly love the pieces in my wardrobe now instead of a lot of “meh”.


NIDRA - In Bed With... Analisa Flaherty


You have another hour in the day, what do you do?



How do you wind down for bed?

I know caffeine at night is technically bad but earl grey tea doesn’t seem to affect me, so a cup of tea and just chilling on the couch is part of my wind down. I also have to shower in the evenings. Even if I come home very late and am utterly exhausted I still shower before bed.


3 bedtime beauty essentials you can’t live without…

Rationale no4 cleanser, Face oil (I like rosehip or a blend), and a rich moisturiser! I like to massage my skin every night after applying face oil to help it sink in and increase circulation.


Are you an 8 hours a night kinda gal?

Or more…


What’s your pyjama style?

Every Easter and October I buy new PJs to add to the mix… for winter that’s flannelette pants and a singlet and summer is a matching camisole with short set.


You know you’ve had a good sleep when…

I wake up 2 mins before my alarm and am not tired.


The last time you did an all-nighter…

A very long time ago… I think I was under 25. I can't do all nighters anymore haha!


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