Michelle Owen is a DJ, Music Producer, Curator and all-round cool human. Now based in Bali, this Sydney-born beauty juggles life between music, photography and travel. We caught up with her to chat about her newest project, Almost Real Gallery.


NIDRA - Our Words - In Bed With... Michelle Owen



So, what is it you do exactly?

After 20 yrs of being a DJ and Music producer I started to expand my other creative passions - Photography. Almost Real started in 2014 when I noticed such an amazing network of creatives around me and no platforms to share their stories. In 2022, Almost Real expanded with new energy into an online fine art photography gallery.


How do you get your creative juices flowing?

Music, photography, travel and experiences. Living abroad always gets my brain in a creative space. I’ve lived in Ibiza, Berlin, London, Maldives, and now Bali. 

Crate Cafe Bali recently opened Crate Gallery so there have been some wonderful exhibitions from locals and I’m looking forward to having a month-long pop-up Almost Real exhibition there from November 26th.


What motivates you?

Almost Real motivates me. Hearing about other creative stories. It’s not always easy being creative. We take the unconventional path but it’s essentially who we are so I can’t turn away from that. Nature motivates me too. It’s so pure. A place to clear your mind and create. That’s why I love being under the ocean or on a snowy mountain. There’s a sense of peace when exploring these parts of the world.

 NIDRA - In Bed With... Michelle Owen


What or who has been inspiring you lately?

My dog Yuki. She was an abandoned puppy that our friend found so my partner and I took her in. She is so funny and lifts my spirits. Also, launching Almost Real as an online photography gallery in 2022. It’s been great to connect with other creatives again and to help promote their talents.


Do you have a morning routine? If yes, what is it?

I can’t start the day without coffee. Shower. Wash my face. Play with Yuki.


What’s your favourite breakfast?



One thing you try to do to live more sustainably…

It’s not always easy to be 100% plastic free but I try to cut back on plastic use with Almost Real packaging by using recycled compostable bags and cardboard tubes. 

Recently, Bali put a ban on plastic bags and I think this is a wonderful initiative. 

I also appreciate ‘slow fashion’.


NIDRA - In Bed With... Michelle Owen 

One easy thing you think everyone should do to be more environmentally conscious…

Carry a reusable bag with you or in your car/bike and get into the habit of taking this instead of using plastic bags. Say no to plastic straws.


You have another hour in the day, what do you do?



How do you wind down for bed?

Light a candle. Listen to music or watch something on my laptop or have some phone time to organise the next day.


3 bedtime beauty essentials you can’t live without…

Simple biodegradable face-wipes, Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Dew Drops, Emma Lewisham 72 hour cream. I love all Emma’s products. They saved my skin during lock-downs.


Are you an 8 hours a night kinda gal?

100% I need my sleep. I think I'm making up for lost time when I worked long hours in night clubs when I was younger.


What’s your pyjama style?

Silk pyjama sets. Or an oversized t-shirt.


You know you’ve had a good sleep when…

I haven't woken up in the middle of the night.


The last time you did an all-nighter…

Traveling from Bali to Melbourne and couldn't sleep on the plane.


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