Ming Nomchong is a photographer and visual artist who also owns and runs Studio Tropico. We sat down with her to chat about what inspires her to stay creative, and motivates her to create her visual stories.

 NIDRA - In Bed With... Ming Nomchong


So, what is it you do exactly?

I’m a photographer and visual artist living on Bunjalung country/Byron Bay Shire. I also own a photo studio and rental business – Studio Tropico. Basically my work/art life revolves around all things photo related. And then my non work life is usually spent in or near the ocean. Surfing, swimming, diving, photographing, being.


How do you get your creative juices flowing?

I have to take time out from whatever I’m doing, slow down to a snail’s pace and just observe. The only way I get amped up to do things is by first doing nothing. Day dreaming, writing, reading, looking, watching. That’s when the ideas come and then the rest follows.


What motivates you?

Making/creating motivates me. When I’m on a roll I don’t want to stop. I’ll keep working well into the night if I’m doing something I love. But also, taking time out and resting is so important. I’ve had burn outs over the years and it’s actually so detrimental to your life as it’s draining and the loss of energy and life force is real.


NIDRA - In Bed With... Ming Nomchong


What or who has been inspiring you lately?

I am and have always forever been inspired by our coastal existence and life in and by the ocean. My work moved pretty fluidly between a few different mediums but my subject matter and focus is always brought back to our human relationship with nature through form and place. I’m inspired by people who aren’t afraid to adventure into the unknown, to take a leap of faith and see it pay off.


Do you have a morning routine? If yes, what is it?

When I’m not up early on a shoot my day usually start with an early morning Pilates class, followed by a lighthouse walk or a beach walk with my dog and then a surf before a coffee and then I’ll head into the studio to get into emails/work on a shoot or some art.


What’s your favourite breakfast?

My breakfast is a late start during the week,  a home made green nutty smoothie and on the weekends the man and I love to share a crispy Vietnamese Pancake salad with eggs from Espresso Head in Byron. 


One thing you try to do to live more sustainably…

I don’t buy fast fashion. I try and be as considered as I can with my wardrobe, as so much of our waste is contributed to clothing and fast fashion is a huge part of that. I love vintage, I love shopping on Esty and Depop. And if I want something special I’m happy to pay for quality if it means I’ll be keeping it my wardrobe forever.


NIDRA - In Bed With... Ming Nomchong


One easy thing you think everyone should do to be more environmentally conscious…

Walk more.


You have another hour in the day, what do you do?

Make more art.


How do you wind down for bed?

Peppermint tea, a chat on the couch with my man about our day and a nice hot shower.


3 bedtime beauty essentials you can’t live without…

Hydration with Dermavisuals, Lanolips Salve for my lips and a black out eye mask as it makes my sleep 100 times better if all the light is blocked out.


Are you an 8 hours a night kinda gal?

I try to be. If I can get 7-8 hours I’m a happy and well rested girl.


What’s your pyjama style?

Birthday suits all round ;)


You know you’ve had a good sleep when…

You wake up and you look your age and not 10 years older haha.


The last time you did an all-nighter…

I can’t remember! I’m a day time party girl these days. Start early finish early (while still having a banger) is my motto!


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