Your Order

  • When does my order get processed?

    Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 8.00am - 3.30pm, and all orders placed before 10am (AEST) on these days will be dispatched the same day. YIPPEE

    Orders placed after 10am (AEST) will be dispatched the next working day.

    Purchases made on weekends and NSW public holidays will be processed on the following business day.

    You will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as your order leaves our warehouse so you can get excited for your new crease-free face and frizz-free hair!

  • Can I change my order once I’ve placed it?

    If you need to make any changes to your order including correcting address details once your order has been placed, please contact us immediately at hello@wearenidra.com and we will try our best to fix this before we send it out. But we can’t make any promises as we try and be super-duper efficient in our warehouse.

    Unfortunately, if your order has already been processed and dispatched, it’s yours and NIDRA accepts no responsibility for incorrect details entered.

  • Can I order over the phone?

    Ummm no! Soz! We are an online only business and only reply to emails.

    If you’re having troubles, contact us at hello@wearenidra.com.


  • How much does shipping cost?

    Within Australia
    Standard Domestic Shipping: FREE for orders over $250
    Standard Domestic Shipping: $10 for orders under $250
    Express Domestic Shipping: $15 for all orders

    New Zealand
    Standard International Zone 1 Shipping: $20 for orders

    International (Rest Of World)
    Standard International Zone 2+ Shipping: $40 for all orders

    Please contact us at hello@wearenidra.com if you need any help with your calculator.

  • How long will my order take?

    Well, this depends on where you live and how much your postie likes you!

    For Australian metro delivery please allow 3 - 5 business days, and for rural delivery please allow 4 - 7. We advise to allow 5 - 9 business days for deliveries to WA.

    As always, due to ongoing issues with COVID-19, Australian orders may take longer.

    For all international orders please allow 10 - 28 days.

    We use Sendle as our provider and at times there may be some situations that can cause unavoidable delays.


  • My item says it’s been delivered but it hasn’t arrived. What now?

    If your package has not arrived within a week for Australian orders please contact us at hello@wearenidra.com.

    We hope you can appreciate that during these difficult times with COVID-19 there are occasionally delays which are out of our control. We always do our best to chase orders for you.

    Alternatively you can track your order here: https://try.sendle.com/en-au/tracking

  • Can I use a PO box address for my order?

    Nope. Sendle can’t deliver to Australia Post-owned properties (this includes post offices, PO boxes, locked bags, parcel lockers or parcel collect locations) because Australia Post restricts delivery to these locations.

    If no one is home to receive or sign for the parcel, Sendle will take it to a collection point instead, which may include newsagents or service stations.

Returns and Refunds

  • What if I receive my goodies and change my mind, can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for change of mind. All our sales are final.

    You can, however, return the item for a credit note which are valid for 1 year from the date they are issued.

    View our returns policy here.

  • What if my item is faulty?

    Well that’s no good is it?

    If your item is damaged or faulty, please email our customer service team at hello@wearenidra.com with a few clear photos to show the issue, and we will arrange for the faulty goods to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. This must be done within 24 hours of receiving your parcel.

    You will need to return the item in an otherwise original condition.

    You will be compensated for postage on all faulty return circumstances. We will assess the fault upon return of the garment and reserve the right to repair or replace. If the item is not in stock, a full refund will be issued.

    Items damaged as a result of incorrect garment care or general wear, are not considered to be faulty. Please refer to our Product Care page for correct care instructions.

e-Gift Cards

  • What are e-Gift Cards?

    Our e-Gift Card is basically a monetary gift to spend at NIDRA and the perfect present for even the fussiest of conscious sleepers. It’s delivered straight to your inbox and ready to forward on.

    With no hidden charges or processing fees, the lucky recipient will get a whole 2 years to spend the e-Gift Card.

  • How does it work?

    It's pretty simple... select a dollar amount, enter your email address, pay and send.

    You’ll get an email from NIDRA with a e-Gift Card number and the selected amount which you forward on the that lucky, tricky customer whenever you please!

  • What will the recipient see?

    A delightful gift from you! You’ll receive an email from NIDRA with a e-Gift Card number and the selected amount which you forward on to the lucky ducky.

  • Can I get a refund on an e-Gift Card?

    Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on e-Gift Cards once they have been purchased. Soz guys!

  • How long do e-Gift Cards last?

    Our e-Gift Cards last a whole 2 years (that's 24 months people!). WOWZA!

  • How do I redeem e-Gift Cards?

    Choose your NIDRA goodies, add to your cart, then when you’re ready to pay you can choose to pay with your e-Gift Card.

    You can even choose to pay with a combination of both e-Gift Card and credit card. Easy Peasy.


  • Why the name NIDRA?

    NIDRA (pronounced NID-RA) is Sanskrit for ‘sleep’ or ‘sleepiness’.

    Our brand was built on the idea of using materials that were more ethical and sustainable for the planet and our journey started in India with our first supplier, eco-fashion pioneer Chandra Prakash Jha. We are also influenced by the philosophy of Nidra Yoga or Yogic Sleep, which is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.

    We acknowledge that the NIDRA brand uses Sanskrit which is a classic language of South Asia belonging to the Indo-Aryan brand of the Indo-European languages. Sanskrit is now spoken by less than1% of Indians and is mostly used by Hindu priests during religious ceremonies.

  • Your items are pretty expensive, why is that?

    No we aren’t trying to rip you off. Promise!

    Our retail prices are based on the cost of our materials and manufacturing. Because we choose to work with the best fabrics that are ethical, organic, sustainable and luxurious, the process in creating these is often more laborious and time consuming and therefore more expensive.

    We have a premium style of manufacturing and ensure every maker we partner with has the same values as us when it comes to working conditions and the treatment of their employees. This also plays a part in driving up the cost of your goods. We do not cater for everyone and do not aim to play in the ‘fast’ or ‘cheap’ fashion lane. Our ethos is all about creating premium beauty sleep products and loungewear that are good for you and the environment.

  • What silk do you use in your products?

    The silk used for our Face Saver Cases and Hair Saver Scrunchies is organic and a 'non-violence' Mulberry silk, which is know as Ahimsa or Peace silk. The company we partner with is certified Organic and Fair Trade and is the world leader in producing organic silk from cocoons without killing the pupae inside or without sacrificing animal life.

    We use Grade 6A organic Peace silk and as we source our silk from India, we do not use the Japanese rating system of momme, hence why we do not market this in any of our communications. However, grade 6A silk universally is converted to a 22 momme count so you can get an idea of the weight and feel of this luxury fabric.

    You can read more about Peace silk here.

  • Why don’t you do sales?

    Isn’t it just the worst when you buy something and then a week later it’s on sale!!! YEP!

    Our aim is to not be a seasonal brand or encourage ‘fast’ or ‘disposable’ goods. We create colourways and items that last beyond a season, have longevity and work with each other. We don’t over produce and therefore don’t have too much stock that needs clearing. If there is demand for certain styles and colours, we’ll produce more, if not, we won’t. Simple!

  • Why do you only sell online?

    On average, e-commerce uses about 30% less energy than other retail platforms. This is why we focus our efforts on our online store for the majority of purchases, and also because we love not leaving our bed either, DUH!

    Occasionally we might drag ourselves out of bed to showcase our products and share our commitments at markets or trade shows. These also use much less energy than traditional bricks-and-mortar stores.

  • Why do you share your suppliers? Aren’t you worried someone will steal your ideas?

    Not at all! Our entire ethos is about being as transparent as possible with our customers so that you know exactly where your product has come from, how it has been made and who has made it.

    We want more designers and fashion houses to choose to use ethical and sustainable suppliers, so we will do everything we can to promote this. We get it, it took us over 2 years to find the suppliers we work with now and it was hard work… but we believe good karma makes the world go round!

  • How can I become a stockist?

    If we find a stockist to partner with who fits our brand and ethos just right, then we’re in baby! If you are interested in stocking NIDRA, get in contact with us at hello@wearenidra.com.