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NIDRA Blog: 5 Ways To Make Your Wardrobe New Again

5 WAYS TO... make every outfit look new again

You don’t have to be a big fast-fashion conglomerate to start implementing changes, you can just… be you, your fashion-loving self. Start consciously dressing and buying with the help of these five environmentally-friendly ways and means.
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NIDRA: 5 Ways to look like you've had 8 hours sleep

5 WAYS TO... wake up looking like you've had 8 hours sleep

In 2022 it seems we can’t get enough quality time with our silky pillows for a blockbuster night of zs. No really, we can’t. Did you know a lack of quality sleep affects up to 4 in 10 Australian adults? That’s almost half your office floor who’s woken up needing a dozen coffees, and looking like they need a dozen coffees.
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NIDRA - Our Words - HOW TO: Compost Our Packaging

HOW TO: compost your NIDRA packaging

Okay, so what are you getting with a NIDRA purchase? Firstly, the product you ordered, duh. But secondly, and to us, equally as important, a guarantee that everything you receive from us is home compostable, recyclable, or both… Cool right?!
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NIDRA - In Bed With - Poppy Richard

IN BED WITH... Poppy Richard

Poppy Richards AKA @squigglesnyc is the brains and design behind our beautiful packaging. She is a creative digital specialist who works in Advertising and  moonlights as an incredibly talented artist. We LOVE her artwork and designs, so it obviously made sense that she was the first person we sat down to chat with for our 'In Bed Series'. Enjoy!
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