Meet our makers

At NIDRA we believe that transparency is key to accountability, which is why we disclose our partners within our supply chain and share our product journey with you.

Fabric - Ahimsa Silk: INDIA

OCS Certified (Organic Content Standard), GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and WFTO certified (World Fair Trade Organization).

We work directly with a social entrepreneurship, turned organic silk company in India who have changed the way the world perceives sustainable fashion. Their unique business model has created abundant employment opportunities in rural parts of India and expanded sustainable fashion choices beyond organic cotton and hemp with high quality Ahimsa silk.

They are based on a social responsibility platform, where sustainable utilisation of manpower, ecology and natural resources is continuously carried out, and are currently the only WFTO certified silk in India respecting fair wages and respectful life of workers.

Manufacturing: Australia

Our manufacturers are based in Sydney and their main focus is producing high quality Australian made fashion. This includes working with designers, pattern makers, machinists and suppliers.

With over 25 years of experience in Fashion, Design, Development, Marketing, Education and Offshore Trade Practices.
They are a small business which enables them to be transparent about their processes and allows NIDRA to be a part of every step of the journey.

Labels: Australia

It was important to us to not cut corners, and remain true to our ethos the whole way through the process. This includes being conscious about the fabrics and inks being used on our inner care labels and our branded outer labels.

These are made from 100% recycled satin and printed with INkanto ink (solvent-free), by a company dedicated to reducing their impact on the environment with recycling initiatives in place.

These woven labels which can be found on all our products are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified and made with a minimum of 90% recycled yarn.

Scrunchie Elastic: Australia

Yes, don't worry, we didn't forget about the elastic inside our Hair Saver Scrunchies!

We source our Eco-Elastic from our suppliers in Melbourne. Made from GOTS Certified Cotton and Natural rubber from FSC Forests (Forest Stewardship Council). Being GOTS this means the cotton is grown organically, the production is sustainable, and the fabric is made under fair labour conditions.

NIDRA elastic is 60% Organic Cotton from Turkey and 40% Natural Rubber from Malaysia. Made in Austria.


Why it's sooo much better to sleep on silk

Once reserved for Eastern dynasties, decadent canopy beds of Marie Antoinette-style snoozing and sleazy seventies films (yes, those ones)... well forget what you know about silk pillowcases.

Discover why investing in ethical and sustainable silk pillows is investing in the healthiest sleep of your life.