our story


An idea born in Bondi amidst the craziness of the pandemic, where we realised just how much we loved our beds, we set out on a mission to create beauty bedding and accessories that challenged the eco-industry norms.

We aim to be sustainable in our practices, give back to our community and make damn good products in the process.

Sleep that's conscious AND cool.

Knowing there was a more ethical way to produce the beauty benefiting silk bedding we loved, we spent months sourcing organic and fair trade Ahimsa or ‘Peace’ silk to use in our products.

Using zero toxins in any part of the process and only GOTS certified or natural dyes... in colours you actually want in your space.

We strive to be a sustainable brand and promise to only use recycled or compostable packaging, so our customers can sleep easy.

Thanks for the joke Dad!

So long boring beauty sleep.

We want to bring the fun back to bedding! Having a luxurious sleep shouldn’t be reserved for fancy ‘ladies’ in even fancier houses, and it certainly shouldn’t have to be boring.

The benefits of sleeping on silk are undeniable, and we believe every conscious sleeper should be indulging and making their bedrooms that little bit more playful.

In a nutshell, we just really want to create a conscious sleep that is indulgent, cares for the planet, and is a whole lot of fun!