Okay, so what are you getting with a NIDRA purchase? Firstly, the product you ordered, duh. But secondly, and to us, equally as important, a guarantee that everything you receive from us is home compostable, recyclable, or both… Cool right?!

Our packaging
All our packaging comes from noissue, a company that has sustainability at its core. Producing tissue paper (home compostable/recyclable), stickers (compostable), mailer bags (home compostable), shipping labels (home compostable) and release liners (recyclable) that are all far less harmful to the environment than those other non-recyclable deliveries you may occasionally receive.

Just make sure you shred any larger packaging before adding to your compost. You can cut things into little squares or just rip them into strands. They'll break down quicker, and you can scatter the pieces evenly.

You can read more about our packaging here.


NIDRA: Our Words - How To: Compost Our Packaging 


Our pillowcases and scrunchies
When it comes to our pillowcases and scrunchies… guess what? They are home compostable as well! When they have reached the end of their life, simply shred ‘em and add them to your compost. You don’t even have to worry about removing any of the labels as we made sure they are recycled satin dyed with non-toxic inks.

How long should a silk pillowcase last?
Typically, the going rate for silk is 12 months. But, like everything, the more you take care of a product, the longer it’ll last. We believe if you follow the proper care instructions there is no reason they couldn’t last longer.
You can check out our full care instructions here.
Remember, overconsumption is one of our biggest environmental issues, so look after your case… your crease-free face, frizz-free locks and mother Earth will thank you for it.

So what exactly does ‘home compostable’ mean?
For something to be classified as home compostable it must break down in at least 180 days in a home compost system.


How to: compost your NIDRA packaging


But what if I don’t have a home composting system?
We get it. Not everyone home composts, but we highly recommend taking it up as your next hobby, and you can read all about composting 101 in our blog post here.

Alternatively, try and find a neighbour who does have one, or take it to your local community garden and use their home compost system – this is also a great way to get involved in gardening and grow and harvest your own produce. It is a win-win!

If you don’t have access to any of the above options, you may be able to place the pillowcases and/or scrunchies in your garden organics bin, just call your council to see if this okay. If not, and this is a last resort, place them in your general waste bin.